About Membership
Welcome to Politzer Society website and thank you for your interest. Politzer Society in and International Society for Otologic Surgery and Science.

Its role on supporting the Scientific studies on the topic is increasing in time. With the prestigious meetings held until now updates on otology and related Sciences have been discussed and shared during the last 33 years.

Being the member of Politzer Society has also been a privilege. We encourage you to apply for membership. All the information that you need for this membership application is available.

There will also be an option to be apply as a user of the website (this will not be needed for Society Members as they authorized with the access to the pages such as Politzer Forum.

Your application will be subjected to confirmation before being active. Due to the Bylaws confirmation by the Membership Committee of the Board is needed for Society Membership. If you wish to continue on making your application please click here.