Otology 2000 - Scientific Program & Abstracts

A01: Keynote lecture: Middle Ear
Monday, 16-Aug-99 08:15 - 09:00 (H45)
Chair: Thomas Linder
A01-1 : G. Scott Giebink: Prevention of middle ear disease

A02: Round table: Pitfalls in ossicular chain reconstruction
Monday, 16-Aug-99 09:15 - 10:30 (H45)
Chair: Alan G. Kerr
A02-1 : Alan G. Kerr, Bernard Fraysse, Jan Helms, John S. May, Saumil N. Merchant, F. Erwin Offeciers: Pitfalls in ossicular chain reconstruction

A03: Panel: Implantable hearing aids
Monday, 16-Aug-99 09:15 - 10:30 (H55)
Chair: Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink
A03-1 : Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink, Cor W.R.J. Cremers, Alex M. Huber, Anthony J. Maniglia, Benno P. Weber, Naoaki Yanagihara, Hans Peter Zenner: Implantable hearing aids
A03-2 : Anthony J. Maniglia: Implantable electronic middle and inner ear hearing devices
A03-3 : Benno P. Weber, B. Strauchmann, Guido Temme, Thomas Lenarz: Implantable hearing aids - experimental evidence of efficiency and risk control
A03-6 : Hans Peter Zenner: Totally implantable electronic hearing implant for SNHL (TICA) - the Tübingen experience

A04: Round table: Controversies in stapes surgery
Monday, 16-Aug-99 13:30 - 15:00 (H45)
Chair: Mansfield F.W. Smith
A04-1 : Mansfield F.W. Smith, Jean Bernard Causse, Ugo Fisch, John William House, Gordon B. Hughes, Per Möller: Controversies in stapes surgery

A05: Panel: Management of the atretic ear
Monday, 16-Aug-99 13:30 - 15:00 (H55)
Chair: Daniel Simmen
A05-1 : Daniel Simmen, Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer, Thomas Linder, Ralf Siegert, Ad Snik, Anders Tjellström: Management of the atretic ear
A05-5 : Anders Tjellström: Bone Anchored Hearing Aids - Operative Technique and Results

A10: Free papers: Otitis media and sequelae
Monday, 16-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H85)
Chair: Ulf Mercke, Rodrigo Posada Trujillo
A10-1 : Matthew W. Yung: Adult onset otitis media with effusion
A10-2 : Aruna Visvanathan: Middle ear atelectasis - a retrospective study
A10-3 : Hans Rudolf Briner, Thomas Bischoff, Thomas Linder: Impact of antibiotic pretreatment on the occurrence of acute mastoiditis
A10-4 : Stan Cotulbea, Ghe. Iovanescu, Stelian Lupescu: Subperiostal abcess in cholesteatoma otomastoiditis
A10-5 : J.Y. Sichel, Y. Priner, Sharon Freeman, S. Weiss, H. Levy: Predictive value of the shape of type B tympanogram on the magnitude of air bone gap in patients with middle ear effusion
A10-6 : Kazuhiro Aoki, Yukie Mitani, Tomihiko Tuji, Yukio Hamada, Hiroya Utahashi, Hiroshi Moriyama: Relationship between middle ear pressure and pathological state of otitis media
A10-7 : Yang Sun Cho, Suk-Joo Ko, Hyo Chang Woo, Won Ho Chung: External ear resonance after surgical modifications in the patients with middle ear effusion and perforated ear drum

A11: Free papers: Ossicular chain reconstruction
Monday, 16-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H91)
Chair: John S. May, Alex M. Huber
A11-1 : Albert Mudry: The revolution of the microscope within the history of auricular surgery.
A11-2 : Hartmut Meister, A. Mickenhagen, M. Walger, Hasso Von Wedel, Eberhardt Stennert: Fundamental properties of the sound transmission of passive middle ear implants
A11-3 : Frank Böhnke, Wolfgang Arnold: Perilymphatic sound pressure and basilar membrane displacement characteristics are dependent on perilymphatic surface-size of the stapes prosthesis
A11-4 : Sugata Takahashi, Shigehisa Hashimoto, Yutaka Yamamoto, Hitoshi Satoh: Long-term Results of Ceramic Ossicular Prosthesis in Tympanoplasty
A11-5 : Hidemitsu Sato, Kiyofumi Gyo, Goran Bredberg: Implantable hearing aid in stapes fixation
A11-6 : Elena Dimeska, Ilija Filipche, Marina Chakar, Aleksandrova Merzuha: Malleus teflon piston prosthesis. A report of 38 operations
A11-7 : Matthew W. Yung: The use of social hearing handicap index in the assessment of hearing following tympanoplasty

A12: Free papers: Tympanoplasty
Monday, 16-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H95)
Chair: Jan Helms, John Hamilton
A12-1 : Joachim Müller, Ch. Milewski, Jan Helms: Tympanoplasty in Children
A12-2 : Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen, M. Tomás-Barberán, F. Lorenzo: Cartilage tympanoplasty. Report of long-term results on 299 ears
A12-3 : Yasuo Mishiro, Masafumi Sakagami, Yoshifumi Takahashi, Takeshi Kubo: Tympanoplasty with and without mastoidectomy for noncholesteatomatous chronic otitis media
A12-4 : Joachim Müller, Ch. Milewski, M. Scharfenberger, F. Schön, Jan Helms: Tympanoplasty Today - An Analysis of 8000 Cases of Reconstructive Middle Ear Surgery - The Würzburg Experience
A12-5 : Etsuo Yamamoto, Jun Tsuji, Shogo Shinohara, Yuki Muneta, Makito Tanabe, Tatsunori Sakamoto, Tesu Kim: Use of collagen sponge (Terudermis) in middle ear surgery
A12-6 : Muaaz Tarabichi: Endoscopic Lateral Graft Tympanoplasty
A12-7 : Radu Barbos, Carmen Barbos: Endoscopic middle ear surgery - a minimally invasive technique

A13: Free papers: Implantable hearing aids
Monday, 16-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H55)
Chair: Alex Fitzgerald O'Connor, Naoaki Yanagihara
A13-1 : Geoffrey R. Ball, Bob H. Katz: Design and development of an implantable hearing system
A13-2 : Geoffrey R. Ball: Middle ear ossicular vibration patterns for direct drive implantable hearing systems
A13-3 : Rüdiger Junker, Thomas Wilhelm, Arne Ernst: Differential diagnostic criteria in the selection process of patients for implantable hearing devices.
A13-4 : Terry B. Nunn, Karen Archer, Alex Fitzgerald O'Connor, Esther Griffiths, Catherene J. McKinney: A study of the benefits of the Symphonix Vibrant Soundbridge implantable middle-ear prosthesis in comparison to linear analogue amplification
A13-5 : Thomas Lenarz: Partially implantable hearing aids: experiences with Symphonix vibrant soundbridge and Otologics MET systems
A13-6 : Stefan Dazert, Wafaa E. Shehata-Dieler, Ralf J. Dieler, Jan Helms: Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implant for hearing improvement in patinets with sensoryneural hearing loss
A13-7 : Marcus M. Maassen, Peter K. Plinkert, Hans Leysieffer, Hans Peter Zenner: Surgical technique for implantation of the electronic hearing device Implex TICA for sensorineural hearing loss

A14: Posters Middle Ear I
Monday, 16-Aug-99 10:30 - 12:30 (Foyer)

A14-1 : Gábor Katona, István Lellei: Oral corticosteroid treatment for pediatric otitis media with effusion
A14-2 : Norihiko Murai, Etsuo Yamamoto: Two different types of allergic otitis media
A14-3 : Mila Bojanovic, Milan Stankovic, Miodrag Dinic, Ljiljana Milisavljevic, Emilija Zivkovic, Ankica Stefanov: Treatment of children with secretory otitis media (SOM) with antihistamine and mucolytic or antibiotic (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid)
A14-4 : V. Ivanovska, Marina Cakar, Elena Bogeska, Lidija Dubrovska: A regional prevalence study on the distribution of tympanometric results in non-selected population of three-year old children
A14-5 : Hamad Al Muhaimeed, Siraj M. Zakzouk: Prevalence of sensoneural hearing loss due to toxoplasmosis in Saudi children: a hospital based study
A14-6 : Giovanni Carlo Modugno, Domenico Saggese, Giorgio Magnani, Antonio Pirodda, Alberto Rinaldi Ceroni: Long-term functional results after tympanoplasty: a multivariate analysis on possible predictive factors
A14-7 : Walter Livi, N. Zuccarini, D. Limoni, Desiderio Passàli: Ossicular chain reconstruction: twenty years experience
A14-8 : Gürol Gültekin, Levent Olgun, Ibrahim Cukurova, Erdal Gül, Ilker Nalbant, Sezaver Alper: Titanium-gold total ossicular replacement prosthesis: early results
A14-9 : Pingling Kwok, Jürgen Strutz: Elektronmicroscopic study of the surface of stapes prostheses
A14-10 : Pingling Kwok, Annette Waldeck, Jürgen Strutz: How do metallic middle ear implants behave in the MRI?
A14-11 : Deborah A. Arthur: Clinical results with the Vibrant® P Soundbridge
A14-12 : Akihide Ichimura, Mamoru Suzuki: Findings of the positional nystagmus observed following tympanoplasty
A14-13 : Chul-Ho Jang, Jin O. Kim, Seung T. Park: Transforming growth factor - an expression in perforated tympanic membrane
A14-14 : Yoshiro Yazawa, Mikio Suzuki, Hiroya Kitano, Kazutomo Kitajima: Canal wall down tympanoplasty with soft-wall reconstruction of the posterior canal wall for cholesteatoma
A14-15 : Navin L. Hiranandani: Hearing in tympanoplasty
A14-16 : Domenico Saggese, Giovanni Carlo Modugno, Francesco Soprani, Antonio Pirodda, Alberto Rinaldi Ceroni: Functional long-term results after tympanoplasty for children cholesteatoma
A14-17 : Emilija Zivkovic, Milan Stankovic, Ljiljana Milisavljevic, Mila Bojanovic, Ankica Stefanov: Histomorphometric study of the Preoperative Administration of Antibiotics in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

A15: Free papers: Stapes surgery
Monday, 16-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H85)
Chair: Per Möller, William H. Slattery
A15-1 : Ilija Filipche, Elena Dimeska, Marina Chakar, Sijavush Javari: Stapes surgery in the pediatric patient
A15-2 : Yutaka Yamamoto, Hitoshi Satoh, Shigehisa Hashimoto, Sugata Takahashi: Stapes surgery in children
A15-3 : Gül Oezbilen Acar, Alex M. Huber, Ugo Fisch: Revision stapedotomy: the value of malleo-stapedotomy
A15-4 : Aruna Visvanathan: Preservation of the Stapedius Tendon in Stapes Surgery
A15-5 : Daqing Li, Yulin Cao: Otosclerosis and Stapes Surgery in China: Experience and Long-Term Results with 1023 Operated cases

A16: Free papers: Middle ear infections
Monday, 16-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H91)
Chair: Claus Jansen, Bernard Ars
A16-1 : Myroslav B. Krouk, Myroslav M. Krouk: Update methods prevention of Middle Ear Diseases
A16-2 : Murray N.H. Waldron, I.J.M. Johnson: The Effects of Otitis Media with Effusion on Balance in Children as measured by Sway Magnetometry
A16-3 : Nikolas H. Blevins, Collin S. Karmody: Chronic Myringitis
A16-4 : Duc M. Bui, Tam M. Bui: Endoscopy of the middle ear in the outpatient clinic
A16-5 : A.B.R. Desai, Ashim A. Desai: Tympanosclerosis and its management - a concise overview

A17: Free papers: Aural Atresia
Monday, 16-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H95)
Chair: Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer, Ralf Siegert
A17-1 : Tapio S. Karhuketo, J.J. Ilomäki, P.S. Dastidar, E.M. Laasonen, H.J. Puhakka: High resolution computed tomography and fiberoptic endoscopy studies of congenital aural atresia
A17-2 : Klavdia Z. Borisova, Helen Borisova, G.G. Boyadjan: Functional reconstruction in congenital anomalies of external and middle ear
A17-3 : Shigehisa Hashimoto, Yutaka Yamamoto, Hitoshi Satoh, Sugata Takahashi: Surgical treatment of 52 Cases of Auditory Ossicular Malformations
A17-4 : Matti Raivio, Eero Akaan-Penttilä: The Finnish Microtia Project
A17-5 : Klavdia Z. Borisova, Helen Borisova: Cholesteatoma in children with congenital anomalies of external and middle ear

A18: Video I
Monday, 16-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H55)
Chair: Friedrich Bootz
A18-1 : Srecko Branica, Nikola Sprem, Ljubimko Simicic, Ivica Klapan, Krsto Dawidowsky: Three-dimensional (3D) computer assisted temporal bone surgery
A18-2 : Vasile Ciuchi: The use of ER:YAG in the middle ear surgery
A18-3 : Erdal Gül, Levent Olgun, Zafer Eryilmaz, Gürol Gültekin, Güldeniz Güler, Süleyman Aslanalp: Rigid system stapedoplasty
A18-4 : Caglar Batman, Selcuk Inanlý, Alper Tutkun, Mehmet Ali Pehitoglu: Bone cement reconstruction of the ossicular chain

A19: Posters Middle Ear II
Monday, 16-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:30 (Foyer)

A19-1 : Daniela Soldati, Albert Mudry: Acute Otitis media with labyrinthisation: an "epidemic" of 16 cases?
A19-2 : Thomas Bischoff, Hans Rudolf Briner, Thomas Linder: Treatment and Outcome of Sensorineural Hearing Loss as a Complication of Acute Otitis Media
A19-3 : V.F. Voronkin, F.V. Semenov, Anatoly K. Volik: Structure and outcome of infectious otogenic intracranial complications basing on 20 year experience of Krasnodar ENT-centre
A19-4 : Dmitry I. Zabolotny, Svetlana E. Yaremchuk: DURACEF: Treatment of otitis media
A19-5 : Dmitry I. Zabolotny, Svetlana E. Yaremchuk: Effect of application Diflucan in patients with fungal complications in the ear
A19-6 : M. Aleksandrova, M. Mitrovska, Elena Dimeska, Olivera Miskovska, Z. Maksimovic: Chronic otitis media - microbiological study
A19-7 : Alexei Gagauz: ND-yag in treatment of chronical purulent otitis
A19-8 : Hiroshi Ogawa, Yasuhiro Tada, Iwao Ohtani: Surgical procedure to prevent recurrence of cholesteatoma in intact canal wall tympanoplasty
A19-10 : Navin L. Hiranandani: Cholesteatoma in tympano-mastoid surgery
A19-11 : Stan Cotulbea, Stelian Lupescu, Ghe. Iovanescu: Management of labyrinthine fistulas caused by cholesteatomas
A19-12 : Chul-Ho Jang, Tae W. Choi, Young H. Kim: Postoperative change of labyrinthine fistulae in chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma
A19-13 : Chul-Ho Jang: Surgery for recurrent and residual cholesteatoma
A19-14 : Dragoslava R. Djeric, R. Radulovic, S. Jesic, A. Jasovic, N. Arsovic, V. Djordjevic: Cholesteatoma of the middle ear in children
A19-15 : Sertac Yetiser, Mustafa Kertmen, Yalcin Ozkaptan, Ahmet Dundar: Follow-up of patients with canal wall-down mastoidectomy obliterated with postero-inferior based periostal flap
A19-16 : Chih Ying Su: Transnasal Electromyographic Recording of Tensor and Levator Veli Palatini Muscles in Cleft Palate Patients- Implications for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

A20: Structured session: Zürich Titanium Prosthesis: Report of Clinical Trials
15:00 - 16:00 (H45)
Chair: Ugo Fisch

A21: How I do it: Stapes Surgery
Monday, 16-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H45)
Chair: Mansfield F.W. Smith
A21-1 : Mansfield F.W. Smith, Ugo Fisch, J.B. Causse, John William House: Stapes surgery

A22: How I do it: Ossiculoplasties
Monday, 16-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H55)
Chair: John S. May
A22-1 : John S. May, Jan Helms, Gregorio Babighian, Ulf Mercke: Ossiculoplasties

A23: How I do it: Implantable Hearing aids
Monday, 16-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (Anatomy)
Chair: Alex Fitzgerald O'Connor, Arne Ernst
A23-1 : Alex Fitzgerald O'Connor, Arne Ernst, J.P. Lavieille, Thomas Linder: Implantable hearing aids

A24: How I do it: Ear Atresia Surgery (Video)
Monday, 16-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H60)
Chair: Daniel Simmen
A24-1 : Daniel Simmen, Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer, Ralf Siegert, Anders Tjellström: Ear Atresia Surgery

B01: Keynote lecture: Facial Nerve
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 08:00 - 08:45 (H45)
Chair: Thomas Linder
B01-1 : Julia K. Terzis: Art of facial reanimation surgery

B02: Panel: Refinement of facial expression after nerve reconstruction
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 08:45 - 10:15 (H45)
Chair: Kris Moe
B02-1 : Kris Moe, François Disant, Wolfgang Draf, Ph. Pasche, William H. Slattery, Julia K. Terzis: Facial reanimation
B02-4 : Ph. Pasche, B. Jaques: Facial reanimation with microvascular muscle transfer for facial paralysis

B03: Round table: Designing the open cavity
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 08:45 - 10:15 (H55)
Chair: Bruce J. Gantz
B03-1 : Bruce J. Gantz, Robert Charachon, John Hamilton, Klaus Jahnke, Stephan Schmid, Jean-Marc Thomassin: Designing the open cavity

B04: Round table: Indications for surgery in Bell's palsy and facial nerve trauma
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 13:30 - 15:00 (H45)
Chair: Ugo Fisch
B04-1 : Ugo Fisch, Bruce J. Gantz, Thomas Linder, Gerald M. O'Donoghue, Naoaki Yanagihara: Indications for surgery in Bell's palsy and facial nerve trauma

B10: Free papers: Cholesteatoma I
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H85)
Chair: Mirko Tos, Christian Dubreuil
B10-1 : Daniela Soldati, Albert Mudry: From the first description to the modern histopathological knowledges about cholesteatoma
B10-2 : Eric Truy, Sonia Ayari, Christian Dubreuil: Temporal bone cholesteatomas
B10-3 : Hiromi Ueda, Seiji Nakata, Tutomu Nakashima: The surgical strategy for regarding cholesteatoma in children
B10-4 : Ulf Mercke: Longterm hearing results after cholesteatoma surgery using obliteration and staging
B10-5 : Atsushi Haruta, Hirokazu Kawano, Tetsuya Tono, Tamotsu Morimitsu, Shizuo Komune: The clinical results of three types of the reconstruction of the open mastoidectomy ear
B10-6 : Milan Stankovic: Surgery for cholesteatoma. The influence of localization and type of operation
B10-7 : Peter G.B. Mirck: Wedgeresection of the external auditory canal : a temporary canalwall-down technique in cholesteatoma surgery

B11: Free papers: Audiology
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H91)
Chair: Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink, Rudolf Häusler
B11-1 : Euan Murugasu: The effect of olivo-cochlear efferent stimulation on cochlear mechanics: the concept of an "Acoustic FOVEA"
B11-2 : Saumil N. Merchant, Michael E. Ravicz, John J. Rosowski: The use of basic science to improve results of middle ear surgery
B11-3 : Alex M. Huber, Christoph Schwab, Mattia Ferrazzini, Thomas Linder, Ugo Fisch: Evaluation of ear drum Laser Doppler Interferometry as a diagnostic tool
B11-4 : Sébastien Schmerber, J.P. Lavieille, M. Feige, Robert Charachon: Surgical and Audiological preliminary results with the Vibrant soundbridge implantable middle ear prosthesis. A review of the audiometric data in 10 patients
B11-5 : Thomas Wilhelm, Rüdiger Junker, Dirk Hardick, Manfred Gross, Arne Ernst: Preliminary results of implantable hearing aids in moderate to severe high frequency SNHL
B11-6 : Christophe Vincent, Henri Urgell, Christine Laroche, Jean-Noël Hanson, Armand Angot, François-Michel Vaneecloo: Audiological comparison on the Vibrant Soundbridge versus conventional hearing aid on the implanted ear
B11-7 : Bernard Fraysse, Olivier Sterkers, Thierry Houliat, Oliver Deguine, Corinne Berges: Cochlear Implant Or Middle Ear Implant In Severe Hearing Loss

B12: Free papers: Facial nerve
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H95)
Chair: Gordon B. Hughes, Alicia Ponton
B12-1 : Naoaki Yanagihara, Shingo Murakami, Naohito Hato, Nobumitu Honda: Herpes Simplex Virus as the Causative Agent of Bell's Palsy
B12-2 : Nobumitu Honda, Naohito Hato, Hirotaka Takahashi, Hiroyuki Wakisaka, Shingo Murakami, Kiyofumi Gyo, Naoaki Yanagihara: Pathophysiological study of the facial nerve paralysis induced by herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in mice.
B12-3 : Naoaki Yanagihara, Shingo Murakami, Naohito Hato, Nobumitu Honda: Transmastoid decompression as a treatment of choice for Bell's palsy
B12-5 : Jona Kronenberg, Tal Dagan: Hypoglossal facial anastomosis, limitations and rationale for success
B12-6 : Kiril Haralampiev, B. Ristic, Miodrag Dinic, Bozidar Jakovljevic: Gunshot injuries of the facial nerve
B12-7 : Haruo Saito, Mitsuru Iwai, Masashi Hamada, H. Nakatani: Antidromic facial nerve response stimulated through the parotid duct

B13: Video II
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H55)
Chair: Tristram H.J. Lesser
B13-1 : Muaaz Tarabichi: Endoscopic management of cholesteatoma
B13-2 : Yasuyuki Hinohira, Naoaki Yanagihara: Cholesteatoma surgery assisted with endoscope
B13-3 : Ch. Milewski: Attico-antrotomy and cartilage graft for reconstruction - the third way of cholesteatoma eradication
B13-4 : Yoshio Honda: Surgical procedure for postoperative lateralization of the tympanic membrane
B13-5 : Walter Livi, N. Zuccarini, D. Limoni, Desiderio Passàli: Stapedotomy: our experience in day surgery
B13-6 : Wolfgang Draf, Frauke Hilterhaus, Evelyn Bryson: Hearing preservation in acoustic neuroma surgery
B13-7 : Danko Cerenko, Jacques Dion: Management of internal carotid artery pseudoaneurysm following myringotomy

B14: Posters Facial Nerve
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 10:30 - 12:30 (Foyer)

B14-1 : Sofija Tudzarova Kradzinova, Gordana Mladenovska: Surgical correction of congenital paralysis of the facial nerve
B14-2 : Marcel Cosgarea, E. Tomescu: Neuroplastic surgery of facial paralysis
B14-3 : Militsa E. Kubatchenko, Alexander A. Lantsov: Intraosseous infusion treatment of Bell's palsy
B14-4 : Hirotaka Takahashi, Nobumitu Honda, Naohito Hato, Hiroyuki Wakisaka, Shingo Murakami, Kiyofumi Gyo, Naoaki Yanagihara: Effects of acyclovir on facial nerve paralysis induced by herpes simplex virus type 1 in mice
B14-5 : Anita Pollak, Thomas Spillmann: Facial Nerve Anomaly Causing Conductive Hearing Impairment: A Temporal Bone Study
B14-6 : Kei Saito, Michio Isono, Kiyotaka Murata: Evaluation with computer-assisted measuring system of mouth movements while talking

B15: Free papers: Cholesteatoma II
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H85)
Chair: Bernard K.H. Pauw, Osman Nuri Oezgirgin
B15-1 : Bernard Ars: Tympanic membrane retraction pocket to cholesteatoma
B15-2 : Ch. Milewski, Joachim Müller, S.Y. Park: Perichondrium/cartilage-island graft (PCI) for repair of the tympanic membrane and posterior wall reconstruction
B15-3 : Levent Olgun, Erdem Cetinkaya, Erdal Gül, Gürol Gültekin, Sezaver Alper, Türkan Bakalim: Functional surgery for attic cholesteatoma: late results
B15-4 : Kee Hyun Park: Management of attic cholesteatoma: personal experience
B15-5 : Masafumi Sakagami, Mieko Sone, Yasuo Mishiro: Bilateral cholesteatoma and habitual sniffing

B16: Free papers: Hearing loss
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H91)
Chair: Rudolf Probst, Arne Ernst
B16-1 : Rudolf Kuhweide, Geert Vanhooren, Jan W. Casselman: Ear symptoms from spontaneous intracranial hypotension
B16-2 : Gregor Bachmann, Jiping Su, Christoph Zumegen, Claus Wittekind, Olaf Michel: Pharmacology of prednisolone-21-succinate following local application to the round window membrane of the cochlea
B16-3 : Alexis Bozorg Grayeli, P. Palmer, Patrice Tran Ba Huy, J. Soudant, Olivier Sterkers, P. Lebon, E. Ferrary: Seeking measles virus in otosclerosis
B16-4 : Poul Bretlau: Argon- or Erbium-YAG-laserstapedotomy?
B16-5 : Dusan R. Milisavljevic, Zare Rankovic, Ljiljana Milisavljevic, Milan Stankovic, Zoran Dimic, Zoran Radovanovic: Hearing loss following meningitis

B17: Free papers: Facial nerve grading systems
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H95)
Chair: Michael Gleeson, Jona Kronenberg
B17-1 : Pavel Dulguerov, Desheng Wang, Thomas V. Perneger, Willy Lehmann: Computerized videomimicography: a new objective test of facial motor function
B17-2 : Sandro Stöckli, Henning Scriba, Claudia Dornier, Anita Pollak, Thomas Linder, Ugo Fisch: Objective Scaling of Facial Nerve Function
B17-3 : Christopher Linstrom, Carol A. Silverman, William M. Susman, Clodualdo Orquiza III, Douglas Colson, Tina M. Presutti: Objective Assessment of Facial Motion in Persons with Facial Dysfunction: Case Studies
B17-4 : Kiyotaka Murata, Michio Isono, Kei Saito, Hiroaki Miyashita: Quantitative analysis of synkinesis following facial nerve palsy
B17-5 : Henning Scriba, Verena Meier-Gallati, Anita Pollak: A proposal for objective scaling of synkinesis

B18: Free papers: Congenital anomalies and malformations
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H55)
Chair: Roland Laszig, Paul A. Fagan
B18-1 : Yukihiko Kanda, Kouichi Motokawa, Toshimitsu Kobayashi: A new tinnitus treatment. A first report on Non-Linear Masking Therapy (Kanda's Method)
B18-2 : David W. White: Repair of Encephaloceles of the Temporal Bone
B18-3 : Antje Aschendorff, Nikolaos Marangos, Roland Laszig: Cochlear implant surgery in X-linked deafness
B18-4 : R. Behr, Joachim Müller, Wafaa E. Shehata-Dieler, Jan Helms, K. Roosen: The CIS Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) for Rehabilitation of Hearing in NF-2 Patients
B18-5 : Olivier Sterkers, Bernard Fraysse, D. Bouccara, E. Ambert, Jean Marc Sterkers, M. Kalamarides: Auditory brainstem implantation: clinical study of 8 cases

B19: Posters Inner Ear
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:30 (Foyer)

B19-1 : James R. Cullen: Sudden hearing loss - an animal model (pathology)
B19-2 : Hamad Al Muhaimeed, Siraj M. Zakzouk: Hearing loss and herpes simplex
B19-3 : Marina Cakar, Elena Bogeska, V. Ivanovska, Lidija Dubrovska: Our experience with otoacoustic emissions in screening for hearing impairment and middle ear disorders in school age children
B19-4 : Enis Alpin Güneri, Bülent Serbetçioglu, Ahmet Ömer Ikiz, Ataman Güneri, Kerim Ceryan: TEOAE monitoring of experimental cisplatin induced ototoxicity in guinea pigs: the protective effect of vitamine B treatment
B19-5 : Euan Murugasu: Salicylate Ototoxicity: Effects on Cochlear Mechanics, Cochlear Microphonics and Neural Responses
B19-6 : Elena Bogeska, Marina Cakar, V. Ivanovska, Lidija Dubrovska: TEOAEs in adults with increased age
B19-7 : Iwao Ohtani, Yohko Baba, Chiaki Suzuki: Temporal bone pathology in Wegener's granulomatosis
B19-8 : Franziska M. Häfner, Thomas Linder, A.A. Salam, D. Balmer, A. Baumer, A. Schinzel, Thomas Spillmann, Suzanne M. Leal: A novel locus DFNA24 for congenital autosomal dominant hearing loss maps to 4q in a large Swiss German kindred

B21: How I do it: Open Cavity Technique
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H45)
Chair: Stephan Schmid
B21-1 : Stephan Schmid, Bruce J. Gantz, Klaus Jahnke, Tristram H.J. Lesser: Open cavity technique

B22: How I do it: Middle Fossa Approach
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (Anatomy)
Chair: Ugo Fisch
B22-1 : Ugo Fisch, Emilio Garcia-Ibanez, Mislav Gjuric, Thomas Linder, William H. Slattery: Middle fossa approach

B23: How I do it: Endoscopy in neurootological surgery
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H55)
Chair: Jacques Magnan
B23-1 : Jacques Magnan, Gerald M. O'Donoghue, Christian Dubreuil: Endoscopy in neuro-otological surgery

B24: How I do it: Brainstem-Implants
Tuesday, 17-Aug-99 16:30 - 18:00 (H60)
Chair: Roland Laszig
B24-1 : Roland Laszig, Jan Helms, Richard Ramsden, Jean Marc Sterkers, François-Michel Vaneecloo: Brainstem-Implants

C01: Keynote lecture: Otologic Skull Base Surgery
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 08:00 - 08:45 (H45)
Chair: Stephan Schmid
C01-1 : Ugo Fisch: Otologic skull base surgery: past and future

C02: Round table: Management of temporal paragangliomas
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 08:45 - 10:15 (H45)
Chair: Richard Ramsden
C02-1 : Richard Ramsden, Paul A. Fagan, Ugo Fisch, Mislav Gjuric, Antonio Mazzoni, Anton Valavanis: Management of temporal paragangliomas

C03: Panel: Indications for 3-D navigation, and "open" MRI
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 08:45 - 10:15 (H55)
Chair: Heinz Stammberger
C03-1 : Heinz Stammberger, Friedrich Bootz, Marco D. Caversaccio, Michael Gleeson, Ralf Heermann, Salim Khan, Daniel Simmen: Indications for 3-D navigation, and "open" MRI

C04: Round table: Management of malignant tumors in the temporal bone
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 13:30 - 15:00 (H45)
Chair: Stephan Schmid
C04-1 : Stephan Schmid, Wolfgang Draf, Paul A. Fagan, Antonio Mazzoni, Pierre Rabischong, Richard Ramsden: Management of malignant tumors in the temporal bone

C05: Panel: Imaging of the inner ear: possibilities and limitations
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 13:30 - 15:00 (H55)
Chair: Bernard Fraysse
C05-1 : Bernard Fraysse, Heidi Felix, Wolfgang Gstöttner, Spyridon Kollias, Arvind Kumar, Thomas P. Nikolopoulos, Francis Veillon: Imaging of the inner ear: possibilities and limitations

C10: Free papers: Cochlear Implants I
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H85)
Chair: Thomas Lenarz, F. Erwin Offeciers
C10-1 : Thomas Lenarz: New electrode concepts for cochlear implant systems
C10-2 : Caglar Batman, Selcuk Inanlý, Alper Tutkun, Mehmet Ali Pehitoglu: Cochlear implantation deep insertion surgery
C10-3 : Norbert Dillier, WaiKong Lai, Thomas Linder: Intraoperative recording of neural responses to cochlear implant stimulation
C10-4 : Thomas P. Nikolopoulos, Kevin P. Gibbin, D. Dyar, Gerald M. O'Donoghue: Children's implant profile (CHIP) predicts the outcome of paediatric cochlear implantation
C10-5 : Joachim Müller, L. Scholtz, M. Herzog, F. Schön, Jan Helms: Short and long term results with fast stimulator cochlear implants - The Würzburg experience using the MedEl Combi 40 and Combi 40+ Cochlear Implant
C10-6 : Jan Helms, Wolfgang Gstöttner, Wolfgang Arnold, Joachim Müller, Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner, F. Schön, S. Brockmeier, B. Stöbich, M. Zwicknagl, Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer: Multicentric evaluation of the new MED-EL TEMPO+ ear level speech processor for COMBI 40 / COMBI 40+ cochlear implants
C10-7 : Thomas Pfennigdorff, Jan Kiefer, Christoph Von Ilberg: Comparision of different speech coding strategies with the nucleaus CI 24M cochlear implant

C11: Free papers: Benign skull base lesions
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H91)
Chair: Thomas Linder, Douglas E. Mattox
C11-1 : Nikolaos Marangos, Joachim Klisch, Martin Schumacher: Angiography and preoperative embolization of lateral skull base tumours
C11-2 : Nikolaos Marangos, Wolfgang Maier: Preservation of middle ear after removal of jugular foramen paragangliomas
C11-3 : Bernard Fraysse, I. Gasfi, C. Cognard, Oliver Deguine, Corinne Berges: Conservative treatment in acoustic neuroma
C11-4 : U. Schuss, R. Hagen: Schwannomas of the facial nerve: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge
C11-5 : Navin L. Hiranandani: Intrapetrous and intramastoid decompression of the facial nerve
C11-6 : Milan Profant, Juraj Ateòo: Petrous apex cholesteatoma
C11-7 : Joerg Schipper, Wolfgang Maier, Josef Zentner: An interdisciplinary infratemporal approach of an extended cholesteatoma of the petrosal bone to preserve cochlear function

C12: Free papers: Imaging
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H95)
Chair: Spyridon Kollias, Arvind Kumar
C12-1 : Arvind Kumar, Mahmood Mafee: Origin of endolymphatic sac tumors: does established dogma need to be rethought?
C12-2 : Hiroaki Miyashita, Michio Isono, Kiyotaka Murata, Kazuko Nakayama, Kei Saito, Masahiro Ishikawa: Three dimensional MRI findings of inner ear anomaly
C12-3 : Euan Murugasu: The Use of 3-Dimensional MRI Rendering of the Inner Ear in Assessment for Cochlear Implantation
C12-4 : Bernhard Schick, Dominik Brors, Oliver Koch, Gabriele Kahle: Magnetic resonance imaging in patients with audiovestibular symptoms
C12-5 : Uwe Vogel, Gert Hofman, Thomas Zahnert, Karl-Bernd Hüttenbrink: Visualizing 3D morphology of the human temporal bone
C12-6 : Marco D. Caversaccio, Daniel Zulliger, Richard Bächler, Rudolf Häusler: Optimal restricted surface matching on the lateral skull base: Theoretical and clinical aspects
C12-7 : Wolfgang Freysinger, A.R. Gunkel, W.F. Thumfart: Computer-assisted 3D navigation in high-resolution CT scans of the petrous bone

C13: Video III
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 11:00 - 12:30 (H55)
Chair: Robert Charachon
C13-1 : Shizuo Komune, Koji Torihara, Tamotsu Morimitsu, Tetsuya Tono, Atsushi Haruta: Transcanal infrapetrosal approach to cholesterol granuloma in the petrous apex
C13-2 : Levent Olgun, Sezaver Alper, Gürol Gültekin, Erdal Gül, Gül Caner, Levent Aydar: Cochlear implantation - unusual cases
C13-3 : Alexander A. Lantsov, Militsa E. Kubatchenko: Intraosseous treatment of facial palsy
C13-4 : Peter G.B. Mirck: "M"-meatoplasty of the cartilaginous auditory canal : a surgical treatment of chronic external otitis
C13-5 : Trifon Kiratzidis, Athina Kotsani: VERIA operation: Cochlear implantation without a mastoidectomy and a posterior tympanotomy
C13-6 : Claus Jansen: Video endoscopy of the cochlea and the vestibule - state of the art
C13-7 : Douglas E. Mattox: Endoscopic Assisted Surgery of the Petrous Apex

C14: Posters Skull Base
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 10:30 - 12:30 (Foyer)

C14-1 : Bernhard Schick, Dominik Brors, Gabriele Kahle, Wolfgang Draf: Radiological follow-up after surgical management of extended jugulotympanic paragangliomas
C14-2 : Nemesio Gómez Estancona, C. Gorostiza, A. Mugica, J. Elorduy, C. Iriarte, L. Urruticoechea, L. Muñiz, A.G. Tena: Plasmocytoma, glomus jugulare tumor metastatic to the abdominal cavity and hip, sacrum and pelvis
C14-3 : Takashi Nakagawa, Yoshihiko Kumamoto, Masahiro Iwamoto, Jun-ichi Fukushima, Yoshiro Natori, Jun Shinokuma, Shizuo Komune, Sohtaro Komiyama: Adenocarcinoma in the middle ear extended into the middle cranial fossa
C14-4 : Ming Zhang, Ugo Fisch: Anatomic Study on Supralabyrinthine and Other Middle Cranial Fossa Approaches

C15: Free papers: Temporal bone studies
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H85)
Chair: Thomas L. Eby, Milan Profant
C15-1 : Caglar Batman, Selcuk Inanlý, Alper Tutkun, Mehmet Ali Pehitoglu: The challenge of computed tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of cochlear obliteration
C15-2 : Michio Isono, Kiyotaka Murata, Meiho Nakayama, Hiroaki Miyashita, Kei Saito, Masahiro Ishikawa: Temporal bone 3D-CT findings of inner ear anomalies
C15-3 : Vel Nandapalan, Athina Pangalu, Ugo Fisch: Subtotal petrosectomy: a radiological review of the fate of air cells and fatty tissue used in obliteration
C15-4 : Tuncay Ulug: A new landmark in middle cranial fossa surgery: The processus cochleariformis
C15-5 : Boris Kitanoski, B. Ristic, V. Savanovic, Miodrag Dinic, N Milanovic, Bozidar Jakovljevic: Diagnostic possibilities of brain stem auditory evoked responses in low degree closed head injuries

C16: Free papers: Malignant skull base lesions
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H91)
Chair: Wolfgang Draf, Jacques Magnan
C16-1 : Konrad Schwager, L. Pfreundner, M. Flentje, Jan Helms: Carcinoma of the external auditory canal and middle ear. Interdisciplinary treatment and outcome.
C16-2 : Yurij A. Soushko, Oleg Borissenko, Rustem M. Trosh, Victor V. Gudkov, Ilona A. Srebnjak: Combined transmastoid-transcervical approach for skull base tumors
C16-3 : Vesna Ciric, Milan Stankovic: Secondary temporal bone carcinoma
C16-4 : Thomas P. Nikolopoulos, Gerald M. O'Donoghue: Skull base surgery: patient's perspective
C16-5 : Janez Zupancic, Saba Battelino, Miha Zargi: The obliteration of the entrance of external auditory ear canal (EAEC), as a part of partial lateral temporal bone dissection (LTBD) in the surgical part of treatment malignant tumours in the external auditory ear canal and middle ear cavity (MEC)

C17: Free papers: Vestibular disorders
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 15:00 - 16:00 (H95)
Chair: Herman Kingma, Lorne S. Parnes
C17-1 : Athanasios Katsarkas: The first 15,000 patients in our dizziness clinic
C17-2 : Saumil N. Merchant, Luis Velazquez-Villasenor, Kojiro Tsuji, Conrad Wall III, Steven Rauch: A new method