General Assembly

General Assembly Minutes 2009

After establishing that a quorum existed, the meeting was called to order by President Jacques Magnan at 1545 on Saturday 5 September 2009.

  • President's Address – Jacques Magnan
    • President Jacques Magnan congratulated Alec Fitzgerald O’Connor for organizing such a fantastic meeting. In addition, he shared with the membership how grateful he was for the honor of serving them during his term of office.
  • Introduction of New Board – Jacques Magnan
    • President Jacques Magnan recognized the service of Dr. Moriyama, Dr. Chong Sun Kim and Dr. Antoli-Candela whose terms of service as members of the Board have been completed. He then introduced the new members of the Board, effective at the conclusion of the General Assembly Meeting: O. Nuri Özgirgin (President); Jacques Magnan (Past-President); Alec Fitzgerald O’Connor (Treasurer); P. Ashley Wackym (Secretary); Per Möller (Program Advisor); Angel Ramos Macias; Roberto Filipo; Seung Ha Oh; Sugata Takahashi; Hans Peter Zenner; Rubens Brito; Manohar Bance; Mohan Kameswaran; and Mirko Tos (non-voting).
  • Secretary's Report – P. Ashley Wackym
    • Improved communication with Politzer Society members is a priority for this Board and the Secretary will work toward this end. The following applicants were reviewed by the membership committee and recommended for general membership vote by the Board as they were all viewed as appropriate candidates for membership. After introduction of the candidates indentified below, the members attending the general assembly unanimously approved them as members.
    • Yusuf Hidir, CharbelRameh, Myrthe Hol, Muharrem Dagli, Yildirim Bayazit, Nageris Benny, Stefano Berrettini, Jonathan D. Blanshard, Sean P.A. Blaney, Onur Çelik, Burhan Dadas, Andrey Davidov, Attila Dezso, John L. Dornhoffer, Michael Gaihede, Subodh Chandra Goswani, Herman A. Jenkins, Mohan Kameswaran, Shi-Chan Kim, Young Ho Kim, Dirk H.P.M. Kunst, Jack Lancer, Ambrose W. Lee, Götz Frederik Lehnerdt, Arsovic Menad, Eduard Matsnev, Timothy Mitchell, Neil Molony, Aziz M. Mustafa, Stephan John O’Leary, Moon Suh Park, Ronald Pennings, Vivek Raut, Wandong She, Ashish Varghese, Konstantina Trifa, and David Peter Morris.
    • It was announced that the Board approved embracing new candidates before formal acceptance as members since the bylaws require election only during the formal Politzer Society general assembly meeting every other year.
  • Treasurer's Report – Alec Fitzgerald O'Connor
    • Alec Fitzgerald O'Connor delivered the Treasurer's Report. The financial assets and liabilities were reviewed and the Society remains financially healthy.
  • New issues – O. Nuri Özgirgin
    • During his Presidency, Nuri Özgirgin with devote effort to create links with National Otological Societies. He explained that since the Politzer Society is an international society dedicated to otology, our mission should also include fostering relationships with the national otologic societies.
    • President-Elect Nuri Özgirgin announced that the Politzer Society will establish a link with LION (Live International Otolaryngology Network). The URL associated with this can be found at He also told the membership that the Board enthusiastically supports exploring this relationship as the infrastructure that has been created has great potential to add value to Politzer Society membership.
    • Link with Journals
    • Video conferencing Symposia
  • Announcement of upcoming meetings
    • John Zenellis: 28th Politzer Society Meeting, Athens, Greece
    • Haruo Takahashi: 9th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery, Nagasaki, Japan
With no further business to discuss, our new President O. Nuri Özgirgin adjourned the meeting at 1620.
Respectfully submitted,
P. Ashley Wackym, MD