Poster Presentation

P1: Cochlear Implantation

P1-1: R Tange, W Grolman, B Maat: Intracochlear misdirection implantation of a cochlear implant
P1-2: A Grontved, J H Wanscher, C Faber: Effect on quality of life of cochlear  implantation in deaf adults.
P1-3: W D Baumgartner, A Jappel, K Frei, R Ramsebner, M Lautischer, S Hickmann, I Ehrenreich, M Katzinger, S Reiss, I Anderson: One Year Experience With The Med El Flex Electrode In Vienna
P1-4: W D Baumgartner, A Jappel, K Frei, R Ramsebner, J Kronenberg, K Grosschmidt, H Plenk: The Suprameatal Approach (SMA) In Cochlear Implant Surgery Histological Evaluation
P1-5: Y S Ji, SY Jung, Y W Lee, S Y Kwon, I Y Kim, S I Kim, S M Lee, S H Hong: The speech enhancement for cochlear implant based on functional spatial lateral inhibition
P1-6: H Hiraumi, T Morita, Y Naito, T Manabe, S Yamaguchi, S Moroto, J Ito: A Comparison of the Long Term Performance Between Nucleus 22 and Nucleus 24 Cochlear Implant System
P1-7: L S Kim, Y D Park, J R Kim, S D Heo, M J Huh: Speech Perception Of The Children Using A Cochlear Implant And A Hearing Aid In The Opposite Ear
P1-8: S Y Kwon, Y S Ji, Y W Lee, S M Lee, S H Hong, I Y Kim: Enhancement of the sound localization in bilateral cochlear implant using temporal information: Noise-band simulations study
P1-9: M Luntz, C Teszler, J Braun, T Shpak: Cochlear Implantation in Challenging Cases
P1-10: M Luntz, C Teszler, T Shpak: Cochlear Implantation in Otitis-prone Children
P1-11: J E Shin, S H Oh, K S Lee: The role of cochlear view in implantation and mapping
P1-12: H J Lee, S H Oh, C S Kim, A L Giraud, D S Lee: Preoperative Cerebral Glucose Metabolism And CI Outcome In Postlingually Deafened Adults

P2: External & Middle Ear Disease

P2-1: T Doi, H Ikeda, M Komeda, Y Munemoto, M Adachi, H N Nakazawa, E K Kim, M Kitajiri, T Yamashita: Familial Isolated Stapes-Pyramidal Fixation by a Bony Bar                with Normal Stapedius Tendon
P2-2: K Y Ho, J C Lin, W R Kuo: Lactate Dehydrogenase Expression And Surgical Treatment of Auricular Pseudocyst
P2-3: H Takegoshi, K Kaga, S Ishimoto, Y Tani: Displacement of the horizontal portions of the petrous carotid artery in mandibulofacial dysostosis
P2-4: T Suzuki, K Ikebuchi, S Yamamoto, Y Hisa: Congenital absence of the oval window in a case of esophageal atresia
P2-5: T Nin, T Muto, O Adachi, Y Mishiro, M Sakagami: Taste Disturbance after Preservation of Chorda Tympani Nerve in Stapes Surgery
P2-6: M Kashiwamura, E Chida, M Matsumura, N Takeichi, N Obara, S Fukuda: Congenital aural atresia surgery -Our results in the early days and recent results with                a surgical navigation system-
P2-7: K Anandacoomaraswamy, H Eikelboom, D Marcus, P Gunesh: The tympanic membrane annulus fibrosus: The presence of smooth muscle in mammals
P2-8: S Y Ahn, M K Kang, B Y Kim, S S Choi: Conductive hearing loss secondary to a high jugular bulb in a pediatric patient
P2-9: J P Vercruysse, B De Foer, T Somers, J Casselman, E Offeciers: The value of diffusion-weighted MR-imaging in diagnosing primary and residual cholesteatoma: a                surgical verified study of 100 patients
P2-10: K H Chang, C E Song, E J Jeon, S W Yeo: Huge cholesterol granuloma cysts: a treatment rationale
P2-11: H Kanebayashi, M Suzuki, A Kawano, A Hagiwara, Y Ogawa, S Kawaguchi, H Furuse: Two cases of fused incudostapedial joint
P2-12: S Zhao, D Han, H Dai, J Guo, Y Zheng, D Wang: Hearing Reconstruction for Severe External and Middle Ear Deformity
P2-13: M Durko, D Kaczmarczyk, T Durko, A Kruk: Kohonen artificial neural network in stapes surgery outcome measures - pilot study.

P3: Facial Nerve & Dizziness

P3-1: T Kitahara, A Horii, Y Mishiro, K Kondoh, S Okumura, T Kubo: Changes in the plasma vasopressin level after endolymphatic sac drainage and steroid-instillation                surgery
P3-2: H J Shim, J H Shin, H S Shin, S H Kim: Three cases of unilateral abnormal VEMP and normal caloric test: Is an indicator of selective inferior vestibular neuritis?
P3-3: C H Bai, S Y Song, Y D Kim: Clinical analysis of herpes zoster oticus
P3-4: J W Koo, J S Kim: Vibration-induced nystagmus in Meniere’s disease
P3-5: J W Koo, S L Hong: A case of contralesional benigh paroxysmal positional vertigo after mastoidectomy
P3-6: J W Chen, Y C Chiu, S J Wang, Y C Chan: Analysis of high frequency DPOAE in  tinnitus patients with normal hearing thresholds
P3-7: H J Park, J E Shin, H J Jang, D B Shim, H A Shin, J Y Ahn: Changes of  Subjective Visual Vertical by Various Sensory Inputs
P3-8: Y W Lee, Y H Park, H S Kim, K S Rha, C I Park: Clinical anaylsis of Symptoms and Prognositic Factors in Herpes Zoster Oticus
P3-9: S J Choi, J H Ahn, J W Chung, T H Yoon, K S Lee: The usability of electrocochleography (ECoG) in the prediction of the prognosis of Meniere’s disease
P3-10: K Ishii, K Yasuda, S Maruya, S Kakehata, H Shinkawa: Clinical experience of Japanese-Oriental Medicine (Kampo) for patients with dizziness or vertigo
P3-11: M W Suh, J W Koo: Auditory Neuropathy Accompanying Bilateral Vestibulopathy
P3-12: S H Bae, H S Choi, K S Kim: Effects of galvanic vestibular stimulation on the subjective visual vertical
P3-13: I S Kim, W S Lee, H K Lee: Clinical Implication of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Bell's Palsy
P3-14: C K Rhee, J S Kim, S J Park: Clinical Approach to Vertigo in the Elderly
P3-15: S H Kim, C K Rhee, J Y Jung, M C Kim: Effect of low-power laser Irradiation on gentamicin-demaged vestibular system in Guinea pigs
P3-16: M Jozefowicz-Korczynska, M Durko, T Durko, M Lukomski: Neurootological findings in patients with multiple sclerosis.

P4: Genetic Research & Sensory Hearing Loss

P4-1: J Usowski, D Jurkiewicz: Internal ear function in patients treated with cisplatine
P4-2: A Hussain, A Al-Boloushi: Tolosa-hunt syndrome: a case report and literature review
P4-3: C A Solares, J M Johnson, M J Baek, K Hirose, G B Hughes, V K Tuohy: Murine autoimmune hearing loss mediated by CD4+ T cells specific for inner ear peptides
P4-4: H C Lin, M T Shu, K S Lee, G Lin: A comparison of hearing screening program between one step with TEOAE and two steps with TEOAE & AABR
P4-5: B H Kim, S K Juhn: Alterations of Inner Ear Homeostasis caused by Middle Ear Infection
P4-6: S H Kim, S S Jarng, J H Shin, C K Yeo, D I Lee: Interaction between Noise- Induced and Age-Related Hearing Loss: Effect of Military Service in Korean Male
P4-7: M Teranishi, N Katayama, IM Ishida, Y Uchida, M Tominaga, J Toda, T Nakashima: Comparative study on sudden deafness by four nationwide epidemiological                 surveys in Japan
P4-8: Y H Chiu, C C Wu, P J Chen, C N Min, C J Hsu: Prevalence and clinical features of mitochondrial 12S rRNA 1555A>G mutation in Taiwanese patients with idiopathic                hearing impairment
P4-9: S Nam, DW Song, YH Park: Effect of Antioxidants on Aminioglycoside-induced Cochlear Cell Damage
P4-10: G J Im, H H Jung, S W Chae: Intra-lesional steroid injection in the management of otohematoma
P4-11: H T Tsai, S F Chung, Y P Wang, H C Lin, G M Ho,  M T Shu: A low-frequency hearing impairment in a Taiwanese family underlies a mutation in WFS1
P4-12: S O Shin, Y S Choi, J Y Lee, S J Yoo: The efficacy of additional course of oral steroid in patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss
P4-13: K Oji, S Kakehata, A Sasaki, K Futai, H Shinkawa: Effectiveness of intratympanic dexamethasone treatment on sudden sensorineural hearing loss with diabetes
P4-14: B Y Kim, L S Kim, C H Hwang, W Y Bae, J Y Shin: Apoptosis of spiral ganglion cells induced by ouabain application
P4-15: J H Lee, S H Oh, J H Heo, Y H Kim, S O Chang, C S Kim: Developmental change of Purinergic receptors in outer sulcus cells of rat cochlea
P4-16: B Liu, C Liu, N Lian, J Guan: Study on the follow-up of Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

P5: Ossiculoplasty & Tympanoplasty

P5-1: D M Lee: Extended Epitympanectomy
P5-2: A-S Shiao, C C Tseng: Postoperative Auricular Perichondritis
P5-3: K Anandacoomaraswamy, D Watts, R Eikelboom, M Atlas, G Rajan:  Successful myringoplasty (type I tympanoplasty): A meta-analysis comparing    paediatric and adult populations
P5-4: C S Han, J K Ahn, H G Lee, M K Kang: Partial reconstruction of posterior canal wall with mastoid obliteration
P5-5: K Takeuchi, T Shimizu, S Masuda, C Tanaka, H Sakaida, Y Majima: Analysis of 19 cases of middle ear anomalies
P5-6: H Sakaida, K Takeuchi, T Shimizu, C Tanaka, Y Majima: Analysis of 13 cases of  ossicular chain injuries
P5-7: Y Zheng, D Wang, J Guo, S Zhao: Tympanoplasty in aged people

P6: Otitis Media

P6-1: R Tange: Allergic sensitisation in young patients with (chronic) otitis media
P6-2: B Zielnik-Jurkiewicz: Cell mediated immunity in children with otitis media with effusion
P6-3: J C Lin, K H Ho, W R Kuo: The study of facial nerve dehiscence in middle ear cholesteatoma surgery
P6-4: M Hultcrantz, M Sääf: Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The Stockholm Material.
P6-5: Y Kurono, K Sekiyama, S Matsune: The role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in otitis media with effusion
P6-6: Y H Park, A Y Kim, K S Rha, C I Park: The Aspects of open-type and closed-type congenital middle ear cholesteatoma
P6-7: J H Jung, C W Park, K R Kim, K Tae: Expression of RANKL (Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor κB Ligand)and OPG (Osteoprotegerin) in middle ear cholesteatoma                tissue.
P6-8: H J Park, J E Shin, H J Jang, D B Shim, H A Shin, J Y Ahn: A case of acute mastoiditis with epidural abscess
P6-9: J K Lee, J Cho, H Lee, H H Jung, S W Chae, S Hwang: The expression of SLPI (Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor) in human middle ear cholesteatoma
P6-10: I W Lee, E K Goh, B J Lee, K M Chon: Endoscopic photo presentation of large subacute traumatic tympanic membrane perforation healed by paper patch application
P6-11: E K Goh, I W Lee, S G Wang, K M Chon: A case of Gradenigo syndrome cured by ventilation tube insertion
P6-12: H J Kim, H J Hong, C S Kim: A Novel Animal Model of Aural Cholesteatoma with Inflammation
P6-13: K Futai, S Kakehata, R Kitani, H Shinkawa: Office-based endoscopic procedure for diagnosis in conductive hearing loss cases utilizing otoscan laser-               assisted myringotomy
P6-14: H J Park, J E Shin, H J Jang, D B Shim, H A Shin, J Y Ahn: The incus manifesting as a mass lateral to tympanic annulus and submucosal perilymphatic fluid collection:         A case report
P6-15: Y S Cho, H S Lee, S W Kim, K H Jung, M G Kim: A clinical, radiologic study of tuberculous otitis media
P6-16: B Satar, U Karapinar, S Yetiser: Does medio-lateral dimension of the middle ear play a role in development of adhesive otitis media
P6-17: C H Lee, K Y Ro, C W Kang: Laser tympanostomy with / without Ventilation tube insertion: Cooperation, Efficacy and Rate of General Anesthesia
P6-18: A Pajor, T Durko, M Durko, A Jankowski, R Stanczyk: Bacteriological culture results in chronic otitis media
P6-19: Y B Cho, H H Cho, T M Yoon, C H Jang: Reconstruction of the posterior canal wall with silastics in chronic otitis media surgery

P7: Others

P7-1: A E Hussain, B Blakley: Acoustic basis of tuning fork tests
P7-2: K Kondoh, T Satoh, T Kuramasu, T Kubo: Audiometric effects of a Bone-  Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)
P7-3: T C Liu, J H Hwang, C W Wu, H C Tien, J H Chen: Changes in Activation Pattern of the Auditory Cortex Following Long-Term Amplification: an fMRI Study
P7-4: D K Kang, S C Park, S H Kim: Acute onset vertigo caused by cerebellopontine angle cholesteatoma: a case report
P7-5: G Abes, N Yang, R J Carrillo: Relationship of Pure Tone Audiometry and Ossicular Discontinuity In Chronic Otitis Media
P7-6: B C Jun, D H Lee, S W Yeo, H T Kim: Neurologic activation of auditory neural circuit in experimentally induced otitis media and sound stimulation
P7-7: C W Kim, Y S Rho, J H Kim, S J Cho, S T Kim: A case of Ceruminous   Adenocarcinoma involving External Auditory Canal
P7-8: K Anandacoomaraswamy, T Robertson, N Dutton, R Eikelboom, M Atlas: Cytokeratin immunocytochemistry of the human tympanic membrane utilizing resin techniques
P7-9: S J Wang, C W Wu, J H Hwang, J H Chen, T C Liu: Auditory cortical activation during speech listening in subjects with congenital hearing impairment
P7-10: Y C Chen, H C Lin: Preschool Hearing Screen Done by Trained Public Nurse at Kindergarten
P7-11: S N Park, K H Park, Y S Park, H Y Lee, S Y Park, S W Yeo: Therapeutic Response of Intratympanic Steroid Injection Accompanying Combination Therapy in the  Patients with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
P7-12: S W Yeo, S N Park, K H Park, K H Chang: A Case of Relapsing Polychondritis with Inner Ear Symptom Improved by Plasmapheresis
P7-13: B Y Kim, M K Kang, C H Hwang, H Lee: Skull base osteomyelitis caused by invasive candidal infection
P7-14: N Yanagihara, T Hinohira, K Yamada, H Hurutaguchi, M Sadamoto, Y Senba: XYZ Slice view tomography: 3D ACCU-I-TOMO*; A new imaging technology in otology
P7-15: S W Yeo, S N Park, K H Park, K H Chang, D H Lee, B C Jun, Y S Park: Treatment of immune-mediated sensorineural hearing loss
P7-16: Y W Chung, C K Rhee, J Y Jung, Y S Kim: Low power LASER promotes hair-cell regeneration following gentamicin exposure in postnatal organotypic culture of rat utricles
P7-17: Y Narui, A Minekawa, K Ikeda, T Koike: Measurement of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) in immature mice
P7-18: M Hamid: Auditory Tests: New Perspectives
P7-19: A Kurita, M Sato, M Masuda, S Shinndenn, K Ogawa: Effect of paroxetine-  hydrochloride (Paxil) in tinnitus patients