Jean Bernard Causse
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A tribute to Jean Bernard Causse from the International Faculty of the Nijmegen Course in Ear Surger

'We members of the International Faculty of the Nijmegen Course in ear surgery mourn today the loss of a great surgeon, a great teacher and mentor and above all a great friend. He was a master surgeon, one whose talents lesser mortals can only envy. He shared his skills with us and to a generation of trainees in ear surgery at the annual Nijmegen course in Ear Surgery where he was a valued teacher for the last decade and he appeared to the young generation as one of the inspirational figures of his generation.  

There were three corner stones in his life: He loved God who had conferred such rich talents on him, he loved his family in particular also his father for nurturing those talents and he loved the human race in a simple uncomplicated and enthusiastic manner. His basic philosophy was to assume that everyone in the world was as nice as himself. His instinct was to see the good and to refrain from criticism. Every one was important to Jean Bernard: Patients and colleagues even the most junior amongst them. He valued friendship above all and frequently alluded to this in his private and public utterances. The week that he spent each year in Nijmegen was important to him and to us his friends for the professional stimulus it provided and also for the laughter it invariably engendered.

In return he was the most generous friend and host as many of us who were fortunate to visit Beziers will remember with gratitude. The charming and warm atmosphere of his house with Isabelle and the children leave us with dear memories. For those who have known him well our lives were enriched. The members of the International Faculty of the Nijmegen course in Ear Surgery and many others will not see his like again and we shall all miss him dearly. We wish Isabelle and the family strength and courage in this very difficult time.'

December 2001.

Milestones of Politzer Society