President's message

Dear Colleagues ,

You are invited to Sao Paulo in February 2022 to attend the next Politzer Society Meeting.

Sadly, we have all been through difficult times. The pandemic, and the economic issues that followed, have affected all countries. We have had to live with a new disease, closed hospitals, cancelled elective surgeries and little academic interactions. While the uncertainty that lies ahead makes it difficult to plan travel to an international meeting, we must believe in the future.

The organizing committee in Sao Paulo is working hard to put on an excellent meeting - attending to both the academic and social experiences. The Politzer meeting draws attendees worldwide – and welcomes all who attend. The meeting promotes lectures that put forth different points of view, and serves as a international community that shares an interest in Otology.

Sao Paulo is the most modern and economically prosperous city in South America. It is safe and near some of the most beautiful regions of Brazil. In addition Sao Paulo is served by direct flights many countries.

It will be an honor to welcome you all.

The Politzer Society Board