President's message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to thank you all for trusting me as the new Politzer Society President . I have served the Society Board for eight years, since the London Meeting, and it is an honor and a great responsibility to conduct the Society for these next 4 years.

I also welcome the renewed Board, with colleagues representing 18 countries and different generations of Otologists and all Society Members.

Politzer Society was founded as an international association of Otologists to allow a broad debate and exchange of ideas among colleagues of all continents. To be International we must be open to colleagues of different cultures and backgrounds, different ideas and medical education, colleagues that work in different environments and have different supports.

We must also be present worldwide. Our Meetings are placed every two years in a different country allowing all of us to sense its medical culture and hospitality. It is as a meeting of science as of friendship. Politzer Society also holds the World Otology Congress (IFOS) each four years (second edition will be in Warsow 2019)

Finally, In a world of many conflicts and virtual relationships the importance of international associations increase continuously. It allows us an exchange of opinions, ideas and friendship, in an environment of science, medical and surgical knowledge. All of it in pro of Otology.

Best regards

Rubens de Brito